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Fixing retic systems all over Perth.  9246 0111  Fast and fuss-free.

Our experienced mobile repairmen and well stocked vans SAVE you TIME & MONEY.

Whether your sprinklers run from a water bore or mains water we can fix your reticulation system. Manual or auto, black poly or PVC it is all part and parcel of our serviceman’s day. We have vast local knowledge of all types of Perth irrigation systems. Perth metro wide.

Simply call us on  9246 0111,  email us here  or use the form at base of this page.

We can  repair or replace all brands of reticulation controllers and all types of systems.

sr11Does your reticulation system not give the required coverage? We can fix that.

Has one of your stations started always staying on regardless of which station is meant to be on? Perhaps a solenoid valve is faulty?  No worries, we can fix that!

Broken sprinkler or pipe?     Call us now.

Reticulation controller faulty ot needs reprogramming?  We can replace or reprogram.

lost solenoid valves?

Unsure where your solenoid valves are located?             

Not a problem, we can send a  service-man with a special cable tracing wand to locate them.  Designed to help find broken field wires or solenoid valves this specialist valve locating tool does the trick in most circumstances. We also locate lost submersible  bores.

automation of existing systems?

Pro 469Virgin Bores are Perth’s experts on automating existing bores and reticulation sytems. If your bore sprinkler system is currently operated manually with an on / off switch we can easliy fit a fully automatic reticulation controller and interface it to start your bore. Commonly this involves our electrician fitting a 24 volt start relay or contactor to the  existing 3 phase DOL ( Direct Online Starter) or single phase start box. Where you may currently switch from one section to another by manual gate valves or taps we can install automatic solenoid valves. Compliance with your rostered water days then becomes automatic.

Reticulation controllers ( timers ) are powered by mains power 240v but have a battery back up so that even in the event of a power failure the programmed memory is retained. This allows you to leave the property for extended periods safe in the knowledge that your irrigation system is programmed to come on automatically.